My Rewards Points programme
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Rewards points expiry

Effective 1st April 2012, My Rewards Points will implement two programme changes:

  • Three Year My Rewards Points Expiry Policy
  • Fifteen Month Inactive Account Closure Policy

Please take the time to read about the changes and the impact they may have on your account.

Three Year My Rewards Points Expiry Policy

Commencing on 1st April 2012, My Rewards Points will introduce a points expiry policy for My Rewards Points three years or older with the first expiry date being 31st March 2013. A simple way to view this is that we are introducing a “shelf life” for all My Rewards Points which will be three years. Therefore, we encourage you to enjoy your Rewards Points before the end of their “shelf life”; otherwise these Rewards Points will be deducted from your account.

The first phase of Points expiry will be on 31st March 2013 for all Rewards Points earned up to 31st March 2010. All new Rewards Points issued will have a shelf life of 36 months.

All Rewards Points that are redeemed from your account are done so in the order they were earned, with the oldest earned Rewards Points being redeemed first.
You can Redeem your Rewards Points online, with Rewards starting from as little as 2,650 My Rewards Points. Visit for a complete list of Rewards.

In addition there will be a number of ways for you to check if you have any My Rewards Points that will expire:

  • View your account at, where you will find your latest up to date statement and the Rewards Points due to expire. You will also be able to request these details to be sent to you in an email.
  • Your monthly e-statement. Provided you have registered your email address with us, you will receive a monthly statement which provides details on your account activity including any My Rewards Points that are due to expire
  • Contact our customer service centre on +20 227 394 050, Sunday to Thursday, 9am to 6pm Egypt time
  • Expiry Notifications. To help us keep you updated of any My Rewards Points due to expire, please ensure your contact details are up to date. You are able to update them by logging on to your account at or by contacting our customer service centre

Fifteen Month Inactive Account Closure Policy

From 1st April 2012, the My Rewards Points programme will also introduce an inactive account closure policy. Simply put, this means that accounts with no activity (earning or redeeming My Rewards Points) in a 15 month period will become inactive and the My Rewards Points in the account will expire. It is important to keep your account active by collecting My Rewards Points every time you use your credit card or by spending your Rewards Points on Rewards including travel, electronics and various shopping vouchers.

For full details on both of these policies, other programme information and to access your account please visit

Should you need more information please contact the My Rewards Points customer service centre on the number above.