My Rewards Points programme
Oman’s most exciting Rewards programme.


Rewards from the My Rewards Points rewards catalogue can be redeemed via or by contacting our customer service centre on + 968 24762762 between the hours of 9am to 6pm (Oman time) from Sunday to Thursday. To spend Rewards Points against the rewards catalogue, members will have to be logged in at or pass security criteria when calling the My Rewards Points customer service centre
This is dependent on airline and their fare rules. Each airline has its own rules. However the further in advance that flights are booked, the better the chance that you will be able to get a lower priced reward.
This is dependent on the actual Air Reward cost. However, there is a minimum cost of 30,000 Rewards Points.
Unfortunately no, you will need to contact the airline directly for all your special requests, e.g. meal choices, seat allocation.
Unfortunately not. Once the Points have expired, members will not be able to have them reinstated. However members will have 12 months to redeem the Rewards Points that were issued prior to 31st March 2010 and will expire in March 2013. All other Rewards Points will have a 3 year shelf life.
Yes your flight reward quote is based on the full ticket price so you can pay fully in Rewards Points if your balance allows.
Yes, Flight Reward prices apply for the whole flight ticket which includes the airfare, booking fee, airport taxes, duties and charges (including government and other taxes).
Yes, Flight Rewards can be paid for with a combination of Reward Points + Money. A minimum spend of 30,000 Rewards Points applies.