My Rewards Points programme
Oman’s most exciting Rewards programme.


Child tickets can only be redeemed if an accompanying adult ticket is being redeemed at the same time or is already booked.
Even if a member's My Rewards Points account becomes active, they remain a My Rewards Points member. This means their HSBC Premier and Advance Credit Card and My Rewards Points account remain valid, so they do not need to re-enroll in the programme the next time they want to collect My Rewards Points.
Flight Reward prices apply for the whole flight ticket and include the airfare, booking fee, airport taxes, duties and charges (including government and other taxes).
Following the booking of your Air Reward, all flight updates will be communicated to you directly from the airline you have chosen to fly with. We advise you to check flight timings at least 24 hours prior to departure.
If Rewards Points are refunded for any reason the expiry will still be based on the original date they were credited to the Rewards Points account. So if the points would have expired had they not be redeemed and they are then refunded, the same amount of points will automatically expire as soon as they are refunded.
In some cases, Air Rewards are eligible to earn airline frequent flyer programme points - it is your sole responsibility to ensure frequent flyer points are collected from eligible and participating airlines
In the event of no-shows, the Air Rewards ticket will become forfeited. Forfeited tickets are not valid for travel and are non-refundable. However, eligible taxes can be refunded to your payment card upon request.
Most loyalty programmes have expiry policies and across the region, Skywards have a similar 3 year expiry policy, Qatar Airways have a 5 year policy and Shukran points are valid for 24 months. To ensure Rewards Points Member accounts stay active, all it takes is one qualifying transaction (either by earning or using Points) every 15 months and the Points must be used within 3 years following the date credited to the Rewards Points account.